Vine Abiding Ministries


Ship two ocean going container loads of relief supplies, food, and clothing for children and  families.


There is an immense need for food and clothing in Haiti. Most people exist on $2 a day, or less, in income. Difficult decisions need to be made everyday as to how a family must spend what meager resources it has. We also have a donated full-sized passenger van that we need to ship in along with one of the containers.


We have been faithfully waiting on God to provide the needed funds for us to ship two container loads of supplies. We have more than 2000 boxes of supplies ready to load! Please ask our Lord today how you should respond!


Funds Needed - $ 28,800



Gospel outreach to unserved villages


God has called us to go into villages and areas in Haiti that are currently not hearing the Gospel and where a ministry presence is seldom found. Our plan is to provide Sunday services followed by a community meal where we can all celebrate the love of Jesus with our brothers and sisters!


Travel and Food Funds Needed - $ 12, 480.00 a year



Build two small houses for poor families.


We have discovered a small community of extremely poor families right near our new mission house. Their homes are mud and stick and some are falling down due to the weather and years of constant rain. Children have to sleep unprotected in the open and in the sometimes harsh Haitian weather. God has called us to help them start to rebuild their lives by providing them with some new small but functional homes. We pray that our brothers and sisters in the US will want to work beside us in this act of love.


Funds Needed - $ 10,000



Water well for Pastor Luc's training facility


Our brother Pastor Luc St. Felix has been blessed to begin reconstructing his pastor training center. We would like to bless him with a new well to provide fresh water for his pastors and people visiting the center.


Funds Needed - $ 9,190

OUR CURRENT NEEDS - Goals for 2017 -

We have more than 2000 boxes of blessings ready to ship!

Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed.

Rescue the weak and needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked." Psalm 82:3-4

Loading food and blessings for the cross-ocean trip.

One of the families we would like to bless with a new home.